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Cheyenne Gilkey, Writer • May 6, 2022

Mama Mia started today at 7 pm and will be going tomorrow at 7 pm again as well as Sunday at 3 pm. With a live band, yes a LIVE band, an exquisite...

So This is Christmas...
Cheyenne Gilkey, Writer • May 5, 2022

Yesterday marked the first day of a bake sale for the Washington County Family Promise, an organization built around helping homeless families...

Picture by  Mason Allen
LEE-CHEFS-KEY to Reaching the Cosmos
Cheyenne Gilkey, Writer • March 23, 2022

 Mrs. Lischefski's love for science, nature, and conservation started at an early age, with her dad’s mild obsession as a fish biologist for...

Weekly Question – “What is your Favorite Season?”

Teachers and School Staff answers 

  • Mr. Nickles says “Fall”  
  • Mrs. Goree says “Spring”  
  • Mrs. Sloan says ¨Summer”
  • Mr. Chirs says ¨Spring¨
  • Mr. Smith says ¨Summer”

Students answers 

  • Felicia Sear 11th grade, says “Summer” 
  • Clementine Jefferson 12th grade, says ¨Fall¨ 
  • Meira Logsdon 9th grade, says ¨Winter¨
  • Brendon Lydon 12th grade, says  ¨Fall¨
  • Mason Allen 10th grade, says ¨Fall¨ 
  • Kayden Reyes 11th grade, says ¨Fall¨




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