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ID Badges

Alex Merrifield

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ID Badges-What will they do?

Very soon, Bartlesville High School students will get their security ID badges for the 2015-2016 school year. The badges are expected to keep the security in the school higher among administration, but many students are very skeptical about how much impact this will truly have.

Overall, the reactions about the badges and their purpose are mixed and all over the place. Some students think they will leave a positive impact, while others do not understand their purpose.

“They will help security-wise and clear things up for the teachers, but they will be annoying for the students,” sophomore Josh Friend said. The “annoying” issue might stem from the hassle of wearing them every day, as many students have pointed out. “I don’t see the point of wearing them around the whole time,” sophomore Edward Reali said. “As long as they are visible, they are acceptable.”

Others have stronger anti-ID badge ideas, with many thinking they have no real purpose and should not even be part of the security.

“They are stupid. Nobody is going to wear them,” sophomore Tyler Gillette said. “They haven’t worked before and they won’t work now,” sophomore Taylor Cobb said. There are many people that have not worn them and will not wear them, creating a possible issue with the enforcement.

Teachers are going to try their best to protect the rule this year, as it is important to make sure they keep security to the highest standards and at the highest level that the administration requests.

“I am going to scan the room each day to see that everyone is wearing them,” journalism teacher Darla Tresner said. “It will improve our school security; it will be important to identify our kids and increase security.” There is a mutual agreement that teachers around the school definitely enjoy the idea of the ID badges.

As many teachers are in support of the badges, there are also students that support them. Many students want increased security just as much as these teachers.

“It is about time we get serious about security,” sophomore Abhi Ayyappan said. “With all the students in the same building, we can’t have strangers running around the building. Our security is the number one priority.”

Although there are mixed reactions, security seems to be a priority and something that people truly care about. The ID badges will come soon, along with differing opinions, but overall have support from the administration, teachers, and students alike.

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