Current Album Review: WILD



Abby Turner

Troye Sivan, a wildly successful South African Youtuber, actor, model, and singer, just released his sophomore album WILD.

Sivan has over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and posts videos ranging from comedy skits, challenges, and song covers, to collaborations. One collaboration with Tyler Oakley even won a Teen Choice Award in 2014. Sivan has also starred in a movie trilogy called Spud and has appeared in movies like X-MEN Origins: Wolverine. Additionally, Sivan walked a Yves Saint Laurent fashion show for Paris’ fashion week in January of this year.

In August of 2014, Sivan released his first extended play (EP) album, entitled TRXYE. Upon release, it became number one in sixty-six countries on iTunes, the fifth album debut on the United States Billboard charts, and had over 60 million streams on Spotify. In addition, TRXYE was the third most reblogged music release on Tumblr in 2014, the debut single’s,”Happy Little Pill,” music video had 16.5 million views, and Sivan was featured on Billboard’s 21 under 21 list in 2014.

 Sivan’s latest album came out September 4, 2015. When presale was available just two weeks prior, the album immediately reached number one without anyone even hearing the songs. The album held the number one spot for some time but is now at number seventeen. He shared in his livestream album release party that the album holds songs about family, relationships, and more generally everything that has happened to him throughout the year. WILD is both similar and completely different than the R&B and chill synth-pop of TRXYE.

The album starts off with the title song WILD. The song shares a mix of alternative pop, chill synth, and soft bass. It also features a children’s choir in the background that chants throughout the song, giving it a unique sound. It is a soft build to the next song BITE.

BITE isbased off Sivan’s experience in a club according to an interview with Pop Buzz. BITE is significantly edgier than WILD and shows off some interesting vocal effects. The lyrics and instrumental are intermediate. The whole song is lackluster in comparison to the third track FOOLS. 

FOOLS has incredible production with excellent lyrics and balances Sivan’s voice with the instrumental beautifully. The lyrics are practically poetry illustrating a story of falling in love with someone and realizing that it was foolish.

The fourth track, EASE, features a surprising guest artist, Broods. Broods is a New Zealand brother sister duo with an alt-pop sound. The track has by far the best melodies, with truly effortless vocals. The song continues with the gentle overall theme of the EP but still has an amazing beat. The title completely describes the song with an upbeat and quick tempo that’s still easy on the ears.

The fifth is called THE QUIET, and it is another song that slowly builds. The lyrics are painfully honest, like, “Now I’m left here in the dust with the taste of broken trust.” There is a beat drop that isn’t overly built up but just right for the overall smooth theme of the album.

The final song is entitled DKLA, standing for “don’t keep love around.” The song features Australian rapper and singer Tkay Maidza whose voice has a similar accent to Nicki Minaj, but a much steadier and fluent sound. The song is sleek, beginning slowly and building up to Tkay’s segment of the vocal. It has a fluid beat and is a fitting end track.

WILD is a polished and steady album that features chill beats, immense vocals, and well chosen collaborations. Overall the album is far better than TRXYE because of its constant theme and fiercely honest lyrics. Sivan has once again outdone himself, so, if you haven’t already checked out his work, you’re missing out.