First choir concert ends on a good note

Abby Turner

Choir students put on quite the show at their annual fall concert on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015. Directors Margie Green, Tamara Walker, and Micheal Stevens held the show in the auditorium of the Bartlesville High School Fine Arts Center.

The show began with the High School Jazz Choir singing two animated songs, “Voicedance” and “A Change in My Life.” As the jazz choir came to a close, the Freshman Women’s Choir took the stage.

Three songs were performed by the underclassmen; “Simply Alleluia” is a light melody consisting of a single word, “Allleluia.” The song was accompanied by freshman flutist Caroline Pattison. The second song “African Lullaby” fuses two soothing songs of African origin, “Angels Watching Over Me” and “Abiyoyo.” The third was sung entirely in Spanish and is titled, “Nuestras Voces,” which translates to “Our Voices,” and featured percussionists William Pattison and John Martinez.

Jade House, a member of the Freshman Women’s Choir, said her favorite song of the evening was “Simply Alleluia”.

“I feel more mature and we get taken more seriously than in middle school,” House said. “I love being with the upperclassmen.”

As House and the rest of the Freshman Women’s Choir exited  the stage, the 10-12 Women’s Choir walked on. The first song they sang was “Heart, We Will Forget Him” and the second was “Paruparong Bukid,” a Filipino track complete with traditional dancers.

Junior Kaitlynn McKinnon said her favorite song they performed was “Heart, We Will Forget Him.”

“It was sort of distracting,” she said. “It made me feel like I was a part of their culture.”

The 10-12 Women’s Choir left the stage, but the dancers remained. They then performed a traditional Filipino dance entitled “Mamang Sorbetero,” which translates to “Mr. Ice Cream Man.” It featured a man coming across the stage with a bell, who was the ice cream man, and dancers twirling and clapping along to the lively background music.

The Men’s Choir was next, with two songs, “Hallelujah for the Day” featuring John Martinez on percussion and “Workin’ on the Railroad” with senior Benjamin Grief on trombone. Their performance was excellent and the freshman through senior group meshed well.

The Advanced Women’s Choir was next up and sang two songs as well, “Alleluia,” with John Martinez on percussion and Kyleen Villines playing french horn, and “Still I Rise” with solos from Kandice Duke and Paige Cleveland. Duke and Cleveland’s runs and high notes were incredible and really captured the audience’s attention.

The Men’s Choir then returned to the stage to join the Advanced Women’s Choir and the Mixed Choir, and they truly stole the show. The first song performed was “Loch Lomond” and featured a trio, a solo featuring three singers rather than one, that consisted of sophomores Garrett Lee and William Kampa and senior Daylin Gray. The second was “My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord,” an astounding effort by the Mixed Choir.

Lane Cabler, freshman and member of both Men’s and Mixed Choir, shared that his favorite song performed was “My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord.” Cabler is a Tenor 1 and Bass 2. “I love being with the upperclassmen,” he said. “It’s fun being a freshman because they don’t expect much so you can show them [the upperclassmen] up.”

The Fall Choir Concert had the entire auditorium filled, and for good reason. As the concert closed with a standing ovation from the crowd,  Green’s voice resonated through the auditorium, “This is what ‘bruins united’ looks like!”