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Supporting the team one bucket at a time

Brigette McKinnon

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Screaming and cheering as loud as they could in the stands, the Bucket Brigade supported the football team all season long and plan to continue during basketball season.

“It’s great to see people screaming their heads off during games,” senior Logan McNeil said. “We get hype!”

This year the Bucket Brigade has been going insane. Students come out to every Bruin football game to support.

The Bucket Brigade is a proud tradition that is know around the state after this year. The student section uses buckets to show loud support. Students from all grades decorate buckets to a Bruin theme and bring sticks so they can bang loudly as the Bruins take on their opponents. Students often broke buckets and sticks from being so crazy.

“This year the Bucket Brigade has been the loudest and craziest I’ve ever seen,” McNeil said. It helps because our team is so good. When they win, the hype level and school spirit is even better.”

The Brigade always cheer from the stands rain or shine.

“It helps us gain momentum,” said senior varsity football player  Jordan Williams.

The Bucket Brigade definitely has fun. Several students come up with fun and creative themed nights for each game. They have done themes ranging from tropical to superhero, and all of the students really enjoy it.

“My favorite theme was tropical even thought the weather was the exact opposite. Everyone participated regardless,” junior Brianna McKinney said. It was fun to bring beach balls and blow ups and stuff even though we got them taken away.”

The Bucket Brigade also did a U.S.A. themed night. Students came to the game decked out in red, white and blue. A lot of students used face paint to show spirit and some even brought flags.

“My favorite theme week was U.S.A. week,” freshman Holden Bryant said. “I thought everyone looked cool in red, white and blue.”

“I enjoy being a part of the student section,” freshman Caroline Waldorf said. “It’s a fun way to show school spirit with all your friends!”

The Bruins have had a great football season, with a 9-1 record. The student section has also had an amazing year. They were ranked fourth in state by FOX23 in week seven, but fifth for several other weeks.

All grades are welcome to the student section; the team always want more students to keep the hype up. Every week they try to be louder and louder, and always achieve that goal.

“Anyone who will be loud is welcome,” McNeil said. “Buckets are obviously our thing but anyone from freshman to seniors can be a part of the Bucket Brigade just by coming to the games and getting hype!”

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Supporting the team one bucket at a time