Alex Magana/MediaPrime

Edward Reali

Bartlesville Public Schools is changing in a big way with the introduction of a new age of learning through technology such as the new Chrome books. With the addition of Chrome books, students are ditching paper in favor of laptops and starting to do assignments online. The first wave of Chrome books for the High School are dedicated for various English classes and are being used for everything from simple assignments to multiple page research papers.

    “We are falling behind with technology and that’s why we are making this push on Chrome books among other things” said Jason Langham, executive director of special services and the high school. Next year’s freshmen will also be getting quite an incentive, they will each be given a personal Chrome book to take to and from school, as a “work device”.

    More and more classes will be going online and through the use of Google tools and Canvas, the students of tomorrow will be submitting all their work online and preparing for the college world and beyond. It may seem like an intermediate step for now but eventually a whole system of paperless learning could possibly be integrated and become the education of tomorrow.