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  • Senior Josie Zepeda waits for cues from drama teacher Susan Crabtree during Macbeth rehearsal. Josie played Lady Macbeth in the Shakespeare classic on Oct. 13th and 15th. Aleeyah Dean/ MediaPrime.

  • All of The Witches pause for dramatic effect during their opening of Macbeth. Their presence on stage during the Shakespeare piece is dark. Aleeyah Dean/ MediaPrime.

  • Junior Kelsi Norvell steps out from the crowd of witches to address teacher, Susan Crabtree. Aleeyah Dean/ MediaPrime.

  • Junior Matthew Coordsen plays a drunkard in Bartlesville High School’s production of Macbeth. Coordsen’s character added a nice touch of comic relief to the dark tragedy. Aleeyah Dean/ MediaPrime.

  • The Witches of Macbeth perform a scene at the opening of the play. The special lighting for “The Wicked Sisters” was worked on by Susan Crabtree. Aleeyah Dean/ MediaPrime.

  • BHS Junior Riggs Gorman plays his part as a messenger in Macbeth. At the end of the play Gorman was a sergeant. Aleeyah Dean/ MediaPrime.

  • Juniors Rachel Brown and Michaela Wilson get ready in makeup before Macbeth rehearsal. Makeup is a big part of stage productions. Aleeyah Dean/ MediaPrime.

  • Josie Zepeda waits her turn for mic checks at rehearsal. Crabtree doesn’t usually use mics for plays but the Shakespeare classic was an exception. Aleeyah Dean/ MediaPrime.

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