Higgs finds future in acting, voice through writing

Rachel Brown

For some, acting and singing on stage may frazzle nerves or instill fear, but for senior Josh Higgs, performing is normal, even invigorating.

Higgs got involved in the performing arts when he chose to try band in the fifth grade. He played percussion and sang in choir. He moved to Bartlesville his freshman year; that was when he got involved in the drama department.

“My first show in the theater department was my freshman musical ‘All Shook Up,'” he said.

Since then, Higgs has been in seven school plays and musicals including “Godspell,” “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” and “The Crucible.” He said the role of John Proctor in “The Crucible” was a role that defined him.

“Each character is different in their own right,” he said. “John Proctor was a role that defined me and it [“The Crucible”] is an immensely important play- it is exactly what happens when fear and paranoia drive society to hysteria.”

Everyone has inspiration, for Josh his inspiration is his older brother Patrick.

“I’ve always admired my older brother,” he said. “We were always more like friends than brothers. He was everything I didn’t believe myself to be.”

Patrick is currently in the navy, and Josh also has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister.

Higgs plans to act for the rest of his life, and he plans to attend college for acting, though his plans are not finite. He said he did not know what kind of acting nor where he plans to attend.

Outside of fine arts, Higgs enjoys creative writing.

“It allows me to put what is happening around me on paper and give a voice to things,” he said. “In my mind I can create anything.”

Higgs played Banquo in the recent production of “MacBeth.” He said the play should challenge gender roles in society.

“None of them hold back their emotions,” he said. “They express them to the fullest they can. The fact that these men were powerful and strong, could show emotion, can challenge our society.”