Production of “Pump Boys and Dinettes, a Musical Revue” begins in black box theater

Rachel Brown

The drama department began their producing the black box show “Pump Boys and Dinettes, a Musical Revue” with auditions on Oct. 17. It is set to be performed on Nov. 15, 17 and 18 at 7:00 p.m. in the black box theater, room A001. Tickets can be purchased for $5 for students and $10 for adults in advance, and they are selling fast.

 “Pump Boys and Dinettes…” is a musical with six cast members. Written by John Foley, Mark Hardwick, Debra Monk, Cass Morgan, John Schimmel and Jim Wann, it features almost no dialogue– the whole play is musical numbers.

“There are six characters, they act, sing, dance, play musical instruments,” director Susan Crabtree said. “It is like a barrage of talent. I’ve wanted to do this show for years, and I felt like we have the perfect group of students to cast this show right now.”

The production features Josie Zepeda as Rhetta Cupp, Katie McCollum as Prudie Cupp, Spencer Hayes as Jim, William Kampa as L.M., Garrett Lee as Jackson and Josh Higgs as Eddie.

 Set in the 1950’s,  it will be performed in an interactive environment. The audience will sit at booths and tables, as though they are actually sitting in a diner.

 “There’s incredible singing, and also coffee and pie,” said Crabtree. “[It] doesn’t get much better than that.”

 Crabtree said she hopes people take away a feeling of joy, especially after the sadness of the recent production of William Shakespeare’s “MacBeth”

 “Having just finished ‘MacBeth’, this is a whole play of joy and light…” she said. “A warm heart and a reminder that through the decades times may change, but people don’t very much. In the end, we all just ‘Need a Vacation’.”