Album Review: No Plan- David Bowie



Noah Estes

One year ago, the world lost David Bowie. Bowie was a musical icon who influenced many artists.  On his birthday, Jan. 8 2015, Bowie released his final album, Blackstar. Two days later, Bowie passed away.

New Bowie music was released Jan. 7 in honor of the upcoming anniversary of his passing and the release of Blackstar. No Plan is a four track EP with music Bowie recorded for the musical “Lazarus”.

The songs for the musical were recorded in the same recording session as Blackstar. Due to this, every song sounds like it could have been included in the album. In fact, the first track “Lazarus” was in the Blackstar album.

“Lazarus” is an absolutely haunting track. With a haunting saxophone driven melody, this track sends a shiver down the spine of the listener. Bowie talks about mortality due to his knowledge of his (at the time) upcoming death. The songs start slow and somber and throughout the song, it grows into a monster of a song as Bowie sings “Oh I’ll be free/Just like that bluebird” talking about how he will be free of pain after he passes. This song alone is a masterpiece, and one of Bowie’s best and most moving works.

The title track “No Plan” almost seems like a song speaking of him in the afterlife, or maybe the lack thereof. He says “Here, there’s no music here” to then directly follow up by saying “Here, am I nowhere now?” which seemingly is questioning what happens in the afterlife and creates a sort of paradox. This somber song hardly changes musically and stays very laid back, while Bowie sings of such introspective and thought-provoking lyrics.

“Killing A Little Time” is a hectic scream from Bowie. He says how he wants to write more, and how he is in pain and loneliness he has been enduring. This is very strange juxtaposed to the more somber songs of both No Plan and Blackstar. With jarring distorted guitars it shows the pain that he had been enduring.

Lastly, “When I Met You” is surprisingly upbeat for being the final, new release the world may receive from Bowie. Some could see it as Bowie saying that although he is gone, it will be alright. It seems to try to comfort his fans and leave them on a good note rather than a sad and depressing note.

Bowie is a musical genius and this EP is no exception. It is an amazing release by an artist that is missed by many.