The face behind the Fine Arts Center

Lauren Szmutko

The Fine Arts are prominent in Bartlesville.  The community is known for its appreciation of all forms of art, especially in June for OK Mozart.  However, this appreciation starts with young students within the school system.  Bartlesville High School Fine Arts Manager Seth Weimer maintains the facility to help the school programs thrive within the community.

Weimer started his job with the school in August of 2015.  For the past year and a half he has coordinated numerous events with band, choir, drama, orchestra, and various other groups to produce successful shows.  His job includes managing the lights, audio and video production, and any other necessary tasks for the school.

Although Weimer does not have a typical schedule, on any given day he can be found working with his interns, walking around the Fine Arts Center and running various errands while getting to know students and teachers.

“I walk a lot,” he said.  “I walk circles and then just go around and visit with people.”

His love for music is what inspired him to pursue a career in this field.

“I have been interested in music since I was little, like four or five,” he said.  “[I was] always singing and making as much noise as I could.”

His current career is a way for him to stay incredibly involved with music.

“It’s a way to constantly be around it,” he said.  “I mean as a kid, you kind of have the dream of being a performer or something, but then you realize there are other jobs you can have in that business without having to do all that.”

Aside from helping with technology, he trains students to “do his job.”  This semester he has nine interns, which is exceptional considering there are traditionally two or three interns each year.  The number of interns was increased this year due to students’ interest in Fine Arts.

“I kind of train them to run the events- kind of to do my job, but at the same time not really,” he said.  “They are in charge of the light ops, which is like the light board operator.  They’re in charge of the lighting design a lot of times, aiming the lights, building the program so they can operate the board later.  And then audio-setting up microphones and getting cables undone, and then running the sound board.”

The students are required to work at least 8 hours during the semester helping with lights, audio, and various other tasks outside of the school day.

“Sometimes it’s just 30 minutes here and there during a concert or something,” Fine Arts Intern Makayla Lein said.

Giving students training such as this provides opportunities to help with productions such as Bruins on Broadway.  Bruins on Broadway was a fundraiser for the upcoming musical, The Adams Family, hosted by the choir department in January.  The benefit was entirely run by students.

“There were four students who actually produced [the production as well as] overseeing the auditions, put it all together, made the program, and then directed it pretty much,” Weimer said.  “All students ran lights and audio.”

Aside from teaching students how to run lights and audio, he also trains them for positions such as House Manager and Stage Manager.

The House Manager is responsible for watching over the ushers and what goes on in the lobby.  They’re also in charge of safety, if there should be any safety concerns during a production, they are adequately trained for emergencies.

The Stage Managers oversee activity backstage.

“They’re calling the shots when the curtains open and close,” he said.  “They have a headset on that communicates with audio, video, lighting, and the director, depending how that goes.”

Outside of his job at the school, Weimer stays busy with his three kids and his part time position at East Cross United Methodist Church.  His children are involved with various sports and other activities.  He frequently volunteers to help with whatever his children are involved in.

At East Cross he helps with their audio, similar to his job at the high school.

Weimer thoroughly enjoys spending his time at the high school socializing with various students and teachers while keeping up with the Fine Arts Center.  His biggest priority is to keep the Fine Arts alive within the school and community to inspire younger generations.