Personal views on the Grammy Awards

Sydney Early, Guest Writer

How many times have artists accepted their GRAMMY in their underwear? As of last Sunday, the answer is one. How many artists have won a GRAMMY without being signed to a label? After last Sunday the answer is one. Grammy Sunday was eventful in every capacity and not short on surprises. The night kicked off with an emotional performance of the hit “Hello” by Adele. Later in the evening, the most deserving band, Twenty Øne Pilots accepted their award in their underwear, which kept with their style of individuality and realism. Chance the Rapper also lit up the stage, where he accepted three awards all while being an unsigned artist. The 59th Grammy Awards were nothing short of outstanding and representative of what pure music is.

The 59th Grammy Awards were aired on Feb. 5. The Grammy’s are awards given to musicians, and people involved in the music industry.

This year I was overly joyed, ecstatic, and quite tearful of the fact that so many pure and real artists took home the honor of winning a Grammy. The first televised award of the night went to Chance the Rapper, the unsigned rapper. This win made history, and deservingly so, as he was the first artist to take home the “victory”, as he put it, without a label behind him. In addition to winning Best New Artist, Chance also won an award for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance.

Not only did Chance the Rapper deservingly take home his first Grammy, so did Twenty Øne Pilots, the two boys from Columbus, Ohio. Twenty Øne Pilots is the most deserving and down to earth band in rotation today and the fact that the Academy recognized their character speaks volumes on behalf of the Academy. The award of Best Pop Duo/ Group Performance could have went to any mainstream artist but instead the Academy recognized the efforts of a band who truly wants to speak the truth and nothing exemplifies the idea behind what music is truly about. Of all the Grammy winners, Twenty Øne Pilots were the most deserving. To top off their amazing win, the band accepted their award in their underwear. They did this on behalf of staying true to themselves and how the journey to the Grammy’s began, watching the show in their underwear years ago. This was the most down to earth acceptance of the night given by the most deserving band. As the Ohio boys said in their acceptance, “anyone from anywhere can do anything.”

David Bowie also won many awards for the song and album “Blackstar”.

Besides all of the deserving awards given, there were several electric performances on the night. One of the most entertaining came from Ed Sheeran as he lit up the stage with his emotional new single “Shape of You”. Beyonce’s performance was iconic because she did it while pregnant with twins. Adele paid tribute to one of the most unique artists, the late George Michael. Her tribute served the name of George Michael well. Katy Perry also performed her new single, which was well received and long awaited. Bruno Mars also performed a tribute to Prince by performing many of his hits.

There were many faces of pure music represented at the 59th Grammys. From The Chainsmokers and Halsey to the late, great and inspirational David Bowie, to legendary rockers Metallica, to alternative rockers Cage the Elephant. The Grammy’s adequately displayed the truth of music and the purity that music is this year. For the first time in awhile, I was proud of the Recording Academy. This year they let real music become empowered. This year they let real music speak for those who use it to feel alive.