Summer sports camps set to kick off in June

Alex Merrifield

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With school sports ending for the summer and not starting up until next August, athletes from all sports at Bartlesville High School are looking to stay in shape with summer camps over the months of June and July. The camps are wide ranging, from Bruin Basketball Camp, 7 on 7, and Bruin Pride.

The strength and agility program that is Bruin Pride is intended to help football players become superior athletes to what they were at the beginning of the summer and prepare them for the upcoming year.

“Bruin pride is very important because it helps us bond together for the upcoming season and learn how to play with each other at team camp,” junior Tyler Gillette said.

While camps are very different for all sports, the main goal for all of them is to help the individual athlete improve to become even better for next year’s season and to help the team as a whole. Many athletes from sports such as basketball, swimming and soccer don’t just do camps, but also do AAU (basketball) Splash Club (swimming) and club (soccer). The benefit of all of these is Bruin students being able to face different competition and play with players from different schools to see a different side of their sport.

“Playing AAU makes you work on your individual game and playing as a team in transition,” sophomore Holden Bryant said.

It is critical for athletes to keep their game up by working on their own, whether it be running, lifting, catching fly balls, working on footwork or anything else.

“The only way for me to get better is to put in that time in the gym and working on all aspects on my game and that’s exactly what I plan on doing,” sophomore basketball player Andrew Barker said.

With big goals for upcoming seasons, athletes from all around the school are looking to become better and better, with work in the summer contributing to this success in a huge way.


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