End of the year banquette highlight

Alex Merrifield

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With the end of the year arriving for all spring sports, end of the year banquets are once again coming into the limelight. Tennis, soccer and baseball have all had end of the year banquets to celebrate their seasons and come together one last time in celebration.

Tennis had their banquet at Hillcrest country club on May 17; with baseball having theirs on the same day at the high school. Soccer also had theirs on May 15 at the high school.

“I enjoyed the hilarious awards put on by the seniors,” junior tennis player Edward Reali said.

At the tennis banquet, seniors gave out several awards to different team members, most of them being sarcastic. At the baseball banquet, Luigi’s Italian food catered, and it was a major hit among the players.

“The banquet was good,” junior Drew Garrett said. “In fact, it was really good. The food was really good.”

While these sports had big banquets, other sports, such as track, had simple pizza parties during the day to celebrate the year.

“The lunch was really good,” senior Collyn Combs said. “It reminded me of how important track was to me and how I will miss it after high school.”

Another thing banquets do is remind people of how they will miss their senior teammates.

“It was nice a nice time to recognize the seniors that are leaving,” junior Natalie James said.

With the end of another year of sports, the banquets are just another way to recognize the seasons now far in the past and remember all those days of work along with honoring seniors far and wide.

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