Homecoming 2017 Candidates Announced

Homecoming 2017 Candidates Announced

Abby Turner

Senior Girls:

Kaylee Cromwell, Chloe Eide, Brigette McKinnon, Rilee Rigdon, Paige Sauer, and Jordan Stoops

Senior Boys:

Taylor Cobb, Noah Estes, Matt Russell, Tyler Gillette, Riggs Gorman, and Brady Wano

Junior Girls:

Avery Allen, Alyssa Austin, and Peyton Winter

Junior Boys:

Lane Cabler, DeAndre Young, Wyatt Wadleigh

Sophomore Girls:

Rachel Harper, Alice Henisey, and Claire Settle

Sophomore Boys:

Sabe Reddy, Shane Simpson, and Noah Yazzie

Freshman Girls:

Camden Cotner, Rani Goad, and Jenna Johnson

Freshman Boys:

Caden Davis, Parker McPhail, and Lucas Ortiz


Congrats to the 2017 Homecoming court.