Waffles2go: Restaurant Review


Hadley Davis

No matter if you’re rich or poor, a democrat or republican, listen to country music instead of rock, the one thing we can all agree on is waffles. Whether you like to go the traditional route or pile on every wacky topping combination possible, you’ll love Bartlesville’s new waffle shop, Waffles2go.

The new hole-in-the-wall restaurant opened Sept. 5  and features authentic Belgian waffles with numerous toppings to choose from, ranging from bacon to fresh fruit. One of the owners, Jeff Robinson, has travelled extensively, at one point even owning a restaurant in New Zealand. When he came back to Bartlesville, he knew he wanted to bring something new to the community and an authentic waffle shop seemed like just the right addition.

His wife, Carla, was responsible for finding their current location off of Tuxedo Ave. When you walk into the small, standing-room-only restaurant you’re greeted by a welcoming atmosphere and an overwhelming smell of sugar and coffee. The owners are quick to come to your aide and make recommendations if you’ve never been before. Carla has found that the high schoolers who come for off-campus lunch love the combination of nutella and fresh slices of strawberry or banana. She, herself, would recommend for first time customers to order the original waffle simply topped with some powdered sugar; when you come in a second time she recommends the maple bacon combination to balance out all the sweetness with some savory.

Although their menu has only a select few items on currently on it, the simplicity of the up-and-coming shop is what draws you in. In addition to the authentic waffles the restaurant is best known for, they serve coffee that comes directly to them from a Honduran coffee farmer. When the coffee beans reach the United States it is ground here in Bartlesville at Heartland Roasters all before it reaches your cup at Waffles2go.

The quick service and delicious food may be the most notable staples of Bartlesville’s new waffle shop, but if you have the chance or the time to stop and talk to the owners, the trip will come full circle. “They have great waffles and the sweetest owners” said Junior Erica Hurd. If you’re lucky enough to come during a time in which they are not busy, strike up a conversation with either of the owners. They’d love to talk to you from anything about their waffles to their broad travels. They both have been humbled by all the business they’ve been receiving since their grand opening. “The response has been amazing. We appreciate all the business greatly,” said Carla.

You can find the restaurant on Facebook at Waffles2Go: https://www.facebook.com/BELGIANPEARLSUGARWAFFLES/ for all their hours and location.