Homecoming parade takes off tonight


The mascot pumps up the crowd by dancing with a toy guitar at the tailgate Sept.10. As of press time, no one had stepped into the role for this year. Zac Horton/Media Prime

Jillian Skalicky

The Homecoming Parade is one of the Bruins most exciting traditions, and with the entire community involved, it makes a lasting memory year after year. The homecoming parade is the community’s way of showing support to the Bruins before their most important home game of the season. It starts tonight at 6:30 pm and will take place in downtown Bartlesville.

Everyone should attend Friday night’s big game, but why come to the parade? Individuals should come to support the bruins in their upcoming battle against the Ponca City Wildcats. This event where all of the sports and other extracurricular activities will be showing their school spirit.

There is live music played by the Bruin Brigade and energetic dancing from the POM squad. There will be goodies tossed out to the kids from the athletes, and lots of positive energy throughout the crowd. Everyone is invited, so be sure to come to see all the excitement and hard work put into this parade!

The parade floats will leave from the First Baptist Church at 4th and Cherokee, then they will go south on Cherokee, west on 5th,  north on Keeler, then east on Frank Phillips and back to the First Baptist Church. The teams going to be featured in the parade are: football, POM, cheer, cross country, wrestling, soccer, swimming, and volleyball. The marching band and color guard are included as well. The band provides upbeat music. The cross country team will run throughout the parade tossing candy out to the kids, while the rest of the athletes will be on floats.

The Homecoming Nominees will also be involved. Each senior couple will ride in their own separate vehicles, while the juniors, sophomores, and freshman will share a float. Freshman Rani Goad said, “I am really excited and honored to be in such a fun tradition.”

As freshman, homecoming is a completely unfamiliar part of their high school ordeal. Another freshman court member Parker McPhail said “ I’m excited because it is a new experience.”

As a student’s high school career continues, the more common traditions like homecoming become. Rachel Harper, a sophomore, said, “I am not nervous about being in the homecoming parade, I am actually really excited and can’t wait!”

The Student Council works hard helping organize the parade. They will make sure every float is there and in order, and will help make sure younger kids get to their float on time and not get lost. They will also help to direct the parade while in motion, so no floats get mixed up. With all the hard work student council and many more have done to make this year’s parade special, the whole community should come out to support the Bruins tonight.