Holiday Drink Review

Madison Harvey , Staffer

During the holidays, there are the basic drinks such as hot chocolate and apple cider but for those desiring something a little more, a good way to broaden your variety of drink choices is to go to Starbucks. There are two locations in Bartlesville: one in Eggbert’s at 2073 SE Washington Blvd. and the other is by north Walgreen’s at 3801 E Frank Phillips Blvd. There are eight known holiday drinks at any Starbucks location, as well as a secret menu which you can ask about or look up online.

  Any of the holiday drinks can make you want to bundle up next to a fire, or even get you in the holiday spirit and bust out into some Christmas carols. Thanks to Nat King Cole the chestnut is immortalized as a Christmas staple. So it is only fitting that Starbucks add the Chestnut Praline with its tasteful utilization of nutty flavor with coffee and cream.

   The Toasted White Mocha is a very sweet and elegant drink. It is the true walk in a Winter Wonderland. On a snowy day, one taste of this drink and you will be warm and satisfied. It’s a sugar cookie in a drink to get you in the Christmas spirit. 

   There are two peppermint drinks that are a special part of the Starbucks holiday menu: Peppermint Mocha and the Peppermint Hot Chocolate. If you are into peppermint then these drinks are perfect for you. It is a blend of hot chocolate and peppermint which as one would expect goes perfectly together. There is also a drink on the secret menu that employs the flavor of peppermint bark. For those interested in ordering this drink ask for a Peppermint Mocha with half mocha sauce, and the other half white chocolate sauce. It is a great drink to have during the morning of Christmas to get brighten your day and prepare for the holidays.

   The Caramel Brulee has caramel blended into the drink. A “brulee” is a technique in which the top layer is browned to make it crunchy however no hard pieces are present is this drink so don’t be fooled by the name. Like most drinks at Starbucks, it has espresso but this is largely masked by the caramel making it a good choice for those not overly enthusiastic about coffee.

   Along with the secret menu at Starbucks, there is a drink that has recently been unveiled called the “Mix and Match Frappe”. This means you can choose from vanilla bean, double chocolate chip, and/or caramel to add to your drink. When you go to order the drink ask for a half vanilla bean, half double chocolate chip, and caramel for the full experience and it is topped with the cream and more caramel sauce added. This secret menu item lets you create your drink just how you like it.

Each holiday drink that is served at the Starbucks comes in a cup which has the phrase “Give Good”.
This is a reminder that Christmas is not just about presents and Santa Clause. It is about giving thanks to family and friends, and everyone that makes your life special. This Christmas season in everything you do, big or small, remember to ‘Give Good’. Merry Christmas!






Edited by William Pattison