Shorties Grille to Reopen Next Week


Cat Gonzales, Staffer

 The diner, Shorties Grille, has been in the process of relocating as well as starting a food truck service again. They plan to reopen on the February 14.

  Shorties Grille was previously located at 116 SW Frank Phillips Boulevard. The diner is now located at 319 1/2 Dewey Suite 104, a brick building with the front facing wall made primarily out of glass. It sits directly behind the new Phat Tire Bike Shop. The alleyway lets them park the food truck next to the diner with ease.

  “Hopefully it will bring in new customers. The only hurdle we are concerned with is that it’s in an alley but I think it makes it more of a new concept,” General manager Chris Barnhill said.

  Shorties Grille, is a local diner that serves tacos, enchiladas, salads, and more. It started out as a food truck then moved to a building, the owner wants to have both now.

  “We’ve always called it a sit down street food style, some here call it international infusion,” Barnhill said.

  The restaurant has been moved for various reasons.

  “We are basically wanting to get back to a food truck, and go back to what Shorties started as,” Barnhill said.

  The food truck enables easy travel for events and catering. There are many pros and cons to having a food truck.

  “When it is too hot our customers don’t want to be outside so that’s why we are building a diner as well,” said Barnhill.

  The diner helps with these problems. They plan to overcome all hurdles in their business.

  They have many ideas for the future of the restaurant. Shorties Grille plans on bringing in breakfast,

   “We are gonna start doing breakfast, we’ll start with breakfast tacos and coffee,” said Barnhill.

  They also plan on opening on Saturdays soon and possibly bring in another food truck.