Sweetheart Slaughter Open February


Madison Harvey , Staffer

Looking for something to do with your significant other or a group a friends? The Asylum in Nowata is open again! You maybe wondering why are they open now? It’s not Halloween. Well the Asylum is opens again in February for Sweethearts Slaughter and then again in June for Dodsfall. The Asylum is located in Nowata not terribly far from Bartlesville roughly around twenty five minutes, depending on traffic. The address for this haunted attraction is 304 W Cherokee Ave. It will be easy to find due to the Asylum, because it has be rated #1 in Oklahoma Haunted House Reviews.

Sweethearts Slaughter is known to only allow two people go in at a time. With a dark, gory atmosphere, you may lose your significant other or friend while you’re inside. Trey Bishop is one of the workers at the Asylum and enjoys his time working there. “It is not just for couples, it’s available to anybody.” says Bishop You are allowed to buy your tickets on the website or getting them at the door. Each ticket is worth twenty dollars, but it worth the wait of the line, and the money spent. Google has great reviews of this attraction, giving it 4.4 out of 5 stars. The wait is normally depended on what time of night you end up going, but the expected time for the outside wait is around fifteen to thirty minutes. Inside the attraction the walk through is about the same time you are expected to wait outside. Definitely worth the wait with the reviews given.   

This haunted attraction has realistic reenactments that would actually happen around the time period of the 1940s. The makeup is very intense, they even have fake blood that may or may not end up on you. So do not wear anything special if you plan to go. It is water based so it will easily come out in the washing machine. The actors/actresses are not allowed to hold onto you, but they are allowed to touch. If you end up hurting one of the actors/actresses you will be escorted out, and introduced to the police officers that are outside at all times.”If you’re looking for something to do something exciting, and different for this Valentines day, Sweetheart’s Slaughter is a good place to go.”  Inside no one is allowed to have their phone or flashlight out. If you end up getting too scared they have a safe word which is “Bloody Mary” and you will be led out of the building safely.  

There are many questions that are asked as like what happens inside and outside of the building. All of your questions or concerns will be answered online, just click on FAQ, their main questions that people ask are on there. One of the main questions are people in wheelchairs allowed to go inside the answer is no but Bishop says, “They are not allowed at this point in time, we are very unfortunate to not have that capability, in the future we would like to change that.” But if you don’t get your question answered you can always call of email them, all of their contact information is on the website it self. You are allowed to book the venue for any type of event you have happening in your life. But there is no refunds allowed. So if you really want to go, make time cause you won’t end up with your money back.