MAD Week dress up days


Madison Harvey , Staffer

Next week will be MAD Week at Bartlesville High School. But some may not know that the “MAD” in MAD week actually stands for make a difference, and to do that, the high school raises money for people or charities in Bartlesville. This year’s MAD  Week, all donations will go toward Lisa Johnson. Johnson is a secretary at Madison Middle School who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Donations will go towards her chemotherapy.

Throughout the week there will be all sorts of dress up days. Monday is planned to be white, neon, and MAD Week shirt day. To purchase a MAD Week t-shirt they are sold during all lunches, so make sure to get one while you can. The shirts will be sold for ten dollars each, if you have any questions about the shirts talk to the people that will be sitting at the table set up.

Tuesday will be known as pajama day, where you can just roll out of bed, and wear what you want to but of course staying in dress code. It is a day where you can fully relax at school, cause for most people school is stressful, and you just want to be comfortable, and not pick out an outfit just for six hours during the day. Dress code will still be enforced throughout the week, so wear presentable clothing.

As many of you know of our fashionably dressed Mr. Neff who likes to express himself through his clothes. On Wednesday we will all get the chance to be as awesome as he is. So bring your pattern button up shirts, khakis, and release your inner Neff, on dress like Mr. Neff day. Don’t forget your colorful pens, or pencils, and calculator. If you’re extra try to make your own ID badge.

Thursday is going to be decade day, bring out all your parent’s high school threads or go to the extent of making something. It will be a great blast to the past, not for us but for the fun of it. The rage of the decades can go from pilgrims to the early 2000’s, the choice is yours to choose your own.  That’s what MAD Week is all about, having a good time while doing good for someone other than yourself.

Meme day will be next Friday during this exciting time. Dress up as your favorite meme, express yourself within that meme. Again, it has to be within dress code, and appropriate. You will be called out by teachers, and principles if you think you can get away with it next week when that is not the truth. Have fun next week because it is for for a great cause to raise money for. Cancer is a rough thing to go through, and very expensive for treatment so donate what you can during next week, buy a shirt or buy something that will be available next week.