House passes bill for increased revenue


Noah Estes, Editor in Chief

  After demonstrating repeated opposition to raising taxes, regardless of where the money would go, Oklahoma’s House of Representatives voted in a supermajority in order to provide assistance to public education.

  March 26, the House voted through House Bill 1010XX which would provide a $5,000 raise to beginning teachers with a bachelor’s degree and slightly over $8,000 pay raise to teachers with a doctorate degree and over 25 years of experience.

  Along with HB 1010XX, multiple bills were passed to raise the pay for support staff, and pay for new text books, along with other appropriations. They will now head to the Senate for review.  If the bills were to pass through the Senate, it would be the first legislative state tax increase in 28 years.

  At time of publication, the suspension of services is set to proceed unless the bills are passed through the Senate and signed by the Governor before April 2.