Price Tower skateboard exhibit

Price Tower skateboard exhibit

Alyssa Moody, Staff Member

   The 7ply: The Art of Skateboarding Exhibition has been on display at the Price Tower since mid-May and will be up until this upcoming Sunday. This exhibition includes the work of over fifty artists from around the world and explores the relationship between art and skateboarding.

   Paintings and custom skateboard decks by numerous artists are on display. Many of the artist’s pieces are based off young people’s lives on the streets with their boards. A large majority of the artists at the exhibit are skaters themselves and are immersed in the culture they portray everyday.

   Work by both local artists and global artists can be observed in the exhibit. With two floors of art, there is a large variety of art that can be enjoyed by anyone.

    Every piece of art tells a story of a skater’s experiences and struggles as they develop skills to get through them with their boards.

    This exhibit shows the connection between the world of art and skateboarding. Each skater’s style is unique and demonstrates how they view the world around them. Artists views are different always from another’s  idea of the world. Even people who are not skaters will find the exhibit interesting because not everything is skating related. Many artists have multiple pieces on display and each different from the last.

    The Price Tower is open from 10am-8pm on Tuesday-Saturday and on Sunday the exhibit will be open from 12pm-5pm. Entry is free and anyone who is interested in the exhibit is welcome to visit. If you have any questions you can call the Price Tower at (918) 336-4949 or visit their website