Bring back Bennett’s bike: Coach’s bike stolen last month


Coach Bennett rides his son’s bike after his was stolen last month. Photo by Jillian Skalicky/ MediaPrime

Jillian Skalicky and Zachary Cole

  Crimes. They happen everyday and can happen to anyone. On August 1st around 8:30 p.m., Cross Country coach Bon Bennett put up his bike inside the concession stand to use at practice. The following morning he went to retrieve it, only to find that his bike was stolen.

  The next morning at 6:30 a.m., he came to practice ready for his athletes to train. However he not only finds his bike missing, but also the concession stand broken into. Of course, Coach Bennett didn’t know that this was about to happen to him.

  The day that the bike was also found stolen, is also Coach Bennett’s birthday. As a kid, everybody wants to get a bike for their birthday. But on his birthday, Bennett got his bike stolen.

  “I honestly have no idea who it could be, I think they broke in because they were hungry, because when I was in there I discovered a few popsicles that were eaten. I have a feeling they were close to the school, it could be a student,” said Bennett.

  The idea that it could be a student is still a possibility and hasn’t been ruled out. Although, it is highly unlikely that it was a teacher or faculty member.

  Since Bennett does not have a prime suspect, the steps towards retrieving his bike are complicated. When asked what he steps he has taken to retrace the bike, Bennett said; “I called the cops and told them it was a red Trek hybrid bike, at the time it had arrow bars.”

  Bennett now is having to use his son’s old bike until the bike shows up or until he gets a new one. Bennett has said that he isn’t very bothered by it, and getting a new bike isn’t his main priority.

  “I am not mad at whoever stole it, I just prefer to use my bike rather than my son’s.” Despite what happened to Bennett, he said he is not letting it get the best of him and he is excited for this upcoming season this year.

  “I believe that we have a good group of girls and boys that can make this school proud,” said Bennett.