Bruin football team to begin season

Lucas Ortiz and Grace Ontiveros

   Football season is fast approaching and with two scrimmages under new football coach Lee Blankenship’s belt, this is a season for the whole community to look forward to, according to Blankenship. Blankenship brought his former team the Beggs to the 3A state championship in 2017.

   Blankenship was hired over the summer to take the Bruins to playoffs this season, and is excited for his new challenge.

   “My time at Bartlesville has been incredible so far, this community has been so good to our coaches”, said Blankenship. “I think that the Bruins are going to grow into young men of character who understand how to be great leaders in our school and community. Everything else will take care of itself.”

   Blankenship already has his eye on two players who had an exceptional offseason.

   “Offensively, keep an eye on Senior Left Tackle Cody Keesling”, said Blankenship. “Cody is a beast in the weight room and on the field. His strength will be important for us in our run game”.

   Blankenship also pointed out Senior Cody Winters.  Blankenship may have just started but his effect on the players has really shown itself on and off the field.

   Starting cornerback and senior team captain Tom Beard also showed enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

   “I’m excited for the new coaching staff and the style of football we play”, said Beard. “We should have a great season all around especially because we have a bunch of younger guys really stepping up and filling in roles that the upperclassmen can’t be in all the time.”

   Being a senior this year, Tom has had to adjust to his role as a senior team captain.

   “It’s a honor, I’ve played for Bartlesville all my life and just always have looked up to those guys, and finally being able to be in that position is a great feeling,” said Beard. “It’s awesome just being able to feed into those younger guys and just being a person they can come talk to if they’re down is a huge honor.”