Bartlesville XC preview


Photo by Jillian Skalicky/MediaPrime

Zachary Cole, Staffer


   On Aug 30, 2018, the Bartlesville cross country team ran at Mohawk Park in Tulsa for the first race of the new season. The team finished last season with a state win, along with being the state runner-ups. Although the girls team didn’t win this race, they aren’t going to let it get to them.

   “The meet today went pretty well I would say. It was a great way to get everyone back into a race mindset by starting with a shorter distance like the relays,” said Caleb Eiden, senior and the cross country boy’s team captain.

   The team has been practicing very hard, running around or over five miles everyday. It’s starting to look like another state victory is in sight for the team.

   “I think this season can be just as great as last years, and if the team is willing to put in the work, I am confident we can definitely win state again,” said Eiden.

   For the past two years, the varsity lineup for the Bartlesville cross country team has been very successful. It consisted of runners such as Nathan Lauritsen, Noah Eiden, Henry Williams, and more. Now that most of the star runners have graduated, it seems that it could be more difficult to snag a win, as now the rest of the team has to carry that weight.

   “To try and help lead the team and set a good example, I’m drawing off of leadership shown by former leaders on our team, and working harder at practices to push runners to reach their full potential,” said Eiden.

   Since the team’s many state victories, other teams are also working very hard. However, this doesn’t scare the Bruins.

   “I think our main competition this year will probably be Jenks or Deer Creek, but they aren’t any different than competition we’ve faced before,” said Eiden.

   Everyone on the team is very confident that the team will finish the season with another state victory. But just in case, they still practice hard to ensure their beliefs.