Outpost coffee opens downtown


Photo by Elizabeth Sparks/ MediaPrime

Elizabeth Sparks, Staffer

 Within the past year, Bartlesville has experienced many positive expansions. With new restaurants like Chick-Fil-a to new stores like Ulta Beauty, the city is establishing itself with healthy growth. Another new addition to Bartlesville, Outpost Coffee has been open since April, and is steadily growing a following from the community.

  Located at 200 East 4th Street in downtown Bartlesville, Outpost is a small gas station turned coffee shop that opened earlier this year; Outpost is owned by Bartlesville native and fellow “coffee nerd,” Wesley Cantrip. Cantrip’s inspiration to open a coffee shop stems from his time spent working at a coffee shop during high school and college.  He attended college with his best friend, Tony, who later became the co-owner of Outpost. Tony is an architect for Apple and resides in San Francisco, but travels to Bartlesville on occasion.

Wes Cantrip, co-owner of Outpost. Photo by Elizabeth Sparks/ MediaPrime

  For five years, Cantrip roasted coffee here in Bartlesville for a company called Heartland Roasters. During that time, the now coffee shop was just a gas station.

  “I wanted to bring my passion to Bartlesville. When asked what he liked about coffee shops, he said. “I love the sense of community that a coffee shop fosters.”

  As a teen working in a coffee shop, Cantrip realized he had a passion for coffee. Along with that passion came a desire to create a place that people felt comfortable in; just as comfortable as the one he worked at initially did.

“It makes a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis. It’s a fun place and you can come and relax. It’s not stressful like work, it’s just another place to go to and hang out,” Cantrip said.

  Outpost is unique,  they don’t just serve coffee. They serve tea, hot chocolate, soda, pastries, waffles and seasonal drinks. Their pastries are made with fresh fruits, which means that are always changing with the seasons. Locally made and always fresh, Outpost’s pastries are one of their most popular items. Outpost also serves signature drinks, like one of their best-sellers called “falls trail,” named after a trail in Osage State.

  “It’s chocolate milk, with espresso and whipped cream,” Cantrip said.  

The workers at outpost spend time trying different blends and perfecting their coffee. Whether they are crafting an americano on the espresso machine, or using a steady hand to perfect a pour over, the baristas at outpost pride themselves in their coffee quality. The storefront use to just house a roastery, Heartland Roasters, which sold their beans to local businesses. Now that Outpost operates as a coffee shop, they put their in house roasting to use to create the freshest coffee possible.

“Coffee is one of those things that’s changing over time and we change with it,” Cantrip said.

 Former owner of popular local coffee shop Jude’s, Jude Henry, is a manager at Outpost now. His involvement in the community and extensive knowledge of coffee attracted him to the team. Working at Outpost has given Henry the opportunity to provide great products and promote solid customer service.

Jude Henry, far right, manages Outpost after owning Jude’s Coffee for several years. Photo by Elizabeth Sparks/ MediaPrime

“We have probably 50 regulars a day.” Henry said,“We know them all by name.”

One of the regulars, Rick Hudson, mentioned that it is not just the customer service, but the coffee itself  keeps him coming back.

‘The quality of the coffee is one of the best I’ve had,” Hudson said.

   Outpost’s priority is its customers, and it shows with their push to make customers feel welcome. The atmosphere along with their friendly nature is what makes this priority a reality. People from all walks of life-working professionals, parents, students, families and more-can relax and enjoy the eclectic vibe of this coffee shop. Outpost coffee’s  4.8 star google rating agrees with this notion; with the majority of reviews saying that Outpost has as great of coffee as it does customer service.