Music Monday: Egypt Station album review


Zach Cole, Staff Member

   Egypt Station, Sir Paul McCartney’s 18th solo studio album was released on Sept. 7, 2018, and is not something to be looked over.

   The album kicks off with the track “Opening Station,” a track that is solely instrumentals. This song lasts 63 seconds before leading into the second track “I Don’t Know.”

    “I Don’t Know” is a softer, slower track. It begins the album off in a way you would not expect from McCartney. It presents questions about life, questions McCartney only answers with, “I don’t know,” each time. It’s reflected that even throughout all of his years and all of his experiences with the world, he still does not know the answers to life’s greatest questions.

   The album picks up after the slow song. “Come On To Me” is much more fun and fast-paced. It tells a story through the eyes of a younger McCartney. As the song goes on, McCartney begins to questions his own actions saying, “if you come on to me, will I come on to you?” This is as if to say that he does not know what he’s doing, but he is just going with the flow and living life without a care in the world.

   The song “Caesar Rock” is the weakest and definitely worst song on the album. With a weak hook, it is poorly written and produced. The lyrics are standard and not special or personal at all.

   The progression of slower to mid-tempo to faster songs fluctuates over and over throughout the album. The songs, while enjoyable, do not seem to reflect the expectations one might have when listening to an album written by an artist in their late seventies. However, McCartney still delivered, giving the world an album he loves and had fun making.

    The finishing track, “Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link” is a strong finish to McCartney’s album. It is upbeat, and it ends the album on a good note. “C-Link,” like the intro, is an instrumental track.

   Overall, the album is average. For the most part, it is enjoyable and easy to listen to. It does have its low points and bad moments, but every album does. The songs are compelling and well written, but they are still nothing too special. I give this album a strong 7.5/10.