Music Monday: Cry Pretty album review


Alyssa Moody, Staff Member

   Carrie Underwood released her sixth studio album, Cry Pretty, on September 14. This new album, filled with her most emotional work, is by far Carrie’s most impressive work.

  Underwood has been releasing music for the album since April 11 despite the album coming out over five months later. The first single released was the album’s title song, Cry Pretty, which has had a successful sales rate across the board.

In her fan club letters, Underwood explains the meaning behind the name.

  “The title refers to when emotions take over and you just can’t hold them back,” Underwood posted. “It really speaks to a lot of things that have happened in the past year.”

  In her first live performance of Cry Pretty at the 2018 ACM Awards, Underwood’s emotions were tangible as she sings her new anthem. She received an almost 40-second standing ovation after this performance. At that moment fans knew to expect Underwood’s most emotional and impactful album to date.

Another song that is flooded with such emotion is “Love Wins.” The track has a real and raw passion. She addresses issues in today’s society, such gangs and immigrants, but the song gives off an overwhelmingly positive and hopeful tone. The opening lyrics, “A stray bullet and a momma cries Her baby won’t be coming home tonight,” is the perfect display of the deepness of the track right from the start.

  Underwood has created her “sound” in her previous albums; however, this new album shatters that expectation and proves that Underwood is capable of anything with her voice. The majority of her previous albums have been overrun by love songs but Cry Pretty centers on deeper themes.  

  Cry Pretty contains 13 singles that will blow both fans and casual listeners out of the water. The album is full of sentimental tracks and an unparalleled emotion from Underwood. The evidence of true pain and happiness are exhibited throughout the album. The tone is set from the beginning but each song has an individual impact on the listener.

The long awaited anticipation for the release of this album pays off for the listener, as this work is outstanding on Underwood’s part. There will not be a disappointed fan that listens to this. Open emotion and hard work make this album more entertaining and engaging than Underwood’s past works.

The full album is available on iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming providers.