Softball seniors’ farewell


Photo by Presley Parks/MediaPrime

Zachary Cole , Staff Member

   With their fourth and final season playing softball for the Bruins, the four seniors of the high school softball team are starting to prepare for their future. Together they have played for years, and the team bond has only gotten stronger. As their last season with the Bruins continues, they reflect on their experiences and memories as a team.

    Senior Maggie Largess, catcher, has been with the varsity softball team for four years. She has said that her favorite memories this season are getting to catch her fellow teammate, Caroline Pattison, who is the Lady Bruins varsity pitcher.

   “Since we are both seniors it has been super special,” Largess said.

   High school teams often have fun traditions they take part in before each game. These pre-game rituals bring a team closer together. Whether they have  a ritual before the game or simply a routine, each player begins the game in their own way.

    “I don’t have any rituals before games, but I definitely have a routine,” Largess said. “Caroline and I always warm up together, and we always do the same thing.”

   After playing a sport for a significant period of time, or being with a particular team for a long time, it’s not uncommon to be recruited to a college team. For many, continuing their sport in college is ideal; but for others, they just want to experience college without the pressures of being a student athlete.

   “After high school I am not going to continue playing softball; I will just be going to college for school,” Largess said. “I’ve known for a long time now that I wouldn’t be continuing my softball career in college, so I never got deeply into the recruitment process.”

   However, this is not due to a bad experience with the sport. In fact, Largess said she thanks the coach for making her senior year better than previous years.

   “Coach Minton has definitely been the most beneficial resource in improving,” Largess said. “He really elevated my game, especially with the mental aspects.”

   As the season continues, it comes closer to an end. Largess said she still remains confident in herself and her team for a good season.

   “I wouldn’t say I’m worried about playing any game, but Owasso is definitely one of the toughest teams to beat in our district,” she said.  “Having played them for four years now, I think that a lot of the preparation lies in the mindset I have going into a game like that.”


Senior Maggie Largess as she walks alongside her family for senior night. Photo by Presley Parks/MediaPrime


  Senior Caroline Pattison has started on the high school softball team four years. She also plays for competitive teams other than the high school team.

   “The team I play for now, the Tulsa Eagles, asked me to play for them and it’s great,” she said. “A couple colleges are recruiting me right now. I will be playing softball in college.”

   Since the senior night ceremony, Pattison has committed to play for Murray State College in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, during her college years.

   Playing with a team for such a long time makes for some memorable moments. For Pattison, some of these moments came from the friendships formed through the team.

   “My greatest season memory would have to be hitting my first home run and getting to be with my teammates every day,” she said.

   Working professionally with a team is very important, as well as having fun. However, softball is a competitive sport, and some teams may be harsher competitors.

   “I’m never worried about a team, but some teams we know will be tougher to beat than others,” Pattison said.

Senior Caroline Pattison smiles before she heads out to the pitchers mound. Photo by Presley Parks/MediaPrime


    Pattison and her teammates have been working hard to improve this year. Pattison has been working on improving her weaknesses to make them her strengths.

   “I’m trying to get my change up to work,” she said.

   Similar to Largess, senior Zoie Graham will not continue softball in college. Graham, a utility player, joined the team this year having played for Ada High School the year before.

   “While I have enjoyed playing softball, I don’t want to go to the next level; I want to focus on my studies,” she said.

    For Graham, this season has been a bit different.

   “Honestly, these are all new teams to me since I just moved,” she said. “So I didn’t know much about the teams we were going to play, I just knew I had to do my part.”

   Doing your part and staying positive is important to Graham. She has even said it helps her game.

   “Keeping a positive attitude and work ethic in adversity improves my game,” she said.


Senior Zoie Graham, escorted by her parents onto the field before senior night. Photo by Presley Parks/MediaPrime


   Although she hasn’t been with the team long, she has made plenty of lasting memories with them.

   “My favorite memory this season would have to be just being ap art of this team and meeting all of my teammates, and creating relationships with all of them,” Graham said

   Since the team never really does anything special together beforehand, Graham said she takes it upon herself to have her own pre-game tradition.

   “The only ritual I have that I continually do is pray silently to myself before games on the bus,” she said.

    Allyson Tiller, a fourth year senior, plays third base for the team.She also plays competitively for Xtreme.

   Unsure of if she will be playing softball or not, Tiller also has plans to go to college. But for Tiller, softball has left some great memories.

    “My favorite memory this season is all of my last first things with my team and making all the new memories with everyone,” Tiller said.

      And while this is her last year to make memories on a high school team, Tiller said she still works nonstop and to the best of her ability.


Senior Allyson Tiller, third baseman, engaged in the play at the plate. Photo by Presley Parks/MediaPrime


   “[Something that has helped is] going hard every day and keeping a positive attitude,” she said. Also, trying to be optimistic about this season, Tiller said she wants the best for her team.

    “I wasn’t worried about any team, but I am worried about regionals; I want our team to make a difference,” she said.

    The team means a lot to Tiller, she said. She has been with some of her teammates for a long time, and because this is her last year with some of them, it is important to her that she takes part in as many activities with her team that she can.