Sand Springs game preview


Photo by Alyssa Moody/ MediaPrime

Grace Ontiveros, Staff Member

   The Bartlesville Bruins are 0-2 going into their third district game. After suffering a close loss to Sapulpa, the Bruins are preparing to face off against Sand Springs. The Bruins also took another major loss after star running back Deandre Young was benched due to an injury sustained during the homecoming game. Taking over Young’s position is Junior Laken Clowdus.

   “I feel great and ready,” said Clowdus. “I’m feeling pretty good because I’ve always loved running the ball and being H-back.”  

   Clowdus finally got the opportunity to move back to his position last Friday after main back Deandre Young went down with an ankle injury. Clowdus had a career night, running for 201 yards.

   Starting junior quarterback Ben Winters also had a career night, throwing for 166 yards on 17 completions.

   “It will be a similar defense to Sapulpas, which we had a lot of success on, so I’m looking to do what we did last week,” said Winters. “Their defensive backs are not quite as good as Sapulpas so I’m looking to throw a lot more than we did.”

   The work isn’t all on Winter’s behalf, though. His offensive line has grown and helped keep him safe in the pocket throughout this season, thanks to coach Cody McDaniel.

   “It was a struggle at first, but they kept battling through every game and they have continued to grow as a group,” said Winters. “They showed out on Friday against Sapulpa.”

   The Bruins are looking for a win this Friday, hoping to upset Sand Springs homecoming.