Drama department to put on production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Drama department to put on production of Shakespeare's The Tempest

Jacey Walls , Social Media Editor

   Bartlesville High School is putting on the traditional October play this coming week. The Tempest by William Shakespeare. The Tempest is Shakespeare’s first folio comedy.  It is also categorized as a tragicomedy. Prospero the deposed Duke of Milan, and his teenage daughter, Miranda live on a remote island where they have been stranded on for the past 12 years.


   Senior Kate Snowden plays the main character, Prospero. She is a sympathetic character in that her usurping brother wronged her, she is also a powerful magician.


   “The setting doesn’t take place in Shakespearean time, it takes place in the 60’s and 70’s,” Snowden said. “People tend to stray away from Shakespeare because it’s hard to understand if you push that aside it really is a play for anyone.”


   Jessica Allis, the drama teacher is a huge fan of Shakespeare and wanted the department to present one of his comedies this fall. Allis chose The Tempest because the focus is on magic and there are tons of directions to explore with the comedy in the play.


   “I just wanted a really fun show to start off the school year with,” Allis said. “I want the people who will watch the play to learn that Shakespeare has a lot of life lessons to learn and that it is really funny.”


   “Becoming a different character and figuring out how they walk, how they talk, and their weird quirks is so much easier to play on stage,” Snowden said.


   “It’s easier to play my character onstage than it is myself, although when you are playing a character you do show a part of yourself in there,” Boulenger said.


   There will be a lot of technical aspects that go into this play, lots of sound and light. This play will also have unique stagecrafts, including an on the stage shipwreck.


   An ingenue is an innocent or unsophisticated woman, in a play or film. Avery Boulanger will play Miranda, daughter of Prospero.


   “I’m excited to be playing the ingenue in this play because the last character I had been is completely different from Miranda,” Boulenger said. “The physicality of this character I struggle more with than I did with the last character I played.”


   Ticket prices are $10 for adults and $8 for students and faculty. Presale $5 students and teachers $8 adults.


   The dates for the play are Oct. 11, and Oct. 13.