Choir’s Christmas concert is to be a holiday event for everyone

Ana Oelen, Staff Member

With Christmas right around the corner, students and teachers alike are eager to participate in this years concert. The choir directors Marjorie Green, Tamara Walker, Alex Rivera, and Miss Morrison are conducting the annual Christmas concert on Dec. 4.


  This years concert consists of classic songs but with a twist, such as Silent Night sung in German and a Jingle Bells and Jingle Bell Rock mashup. As well as Peace on Earth and Angels Carol.


  The choir performers consisted of students in 9th grade through 12th grade. They have been practicing their music for the holidays since before fall break. They also have been working hard to learn some choreography to go along with a few songs.


  This will be the last christmas concert for seniors involved in the Fine Arts program. Silent Night is performed as a tribute to the seniors as they have a special part in the song. The Christmas concert is a favorite performance for all students.


  “The thing I love most about being apart of a Fine Arts program is the many opportunities I get to perform. Each [song] brings new memories and things to look back on. I will probably miss most the relationships I have formed in the classes, because you really become a family with your classmates,” Senior Meghan Martin said. “Being a senior has impacted my leadership in the class by being a role model for younger classmates as well as aiding my section in sight reading”


  The choir directors are just as eager to give this performance. Alex Rivera is excited to take part in conducting the Christmas concert.

  “The christmas concert is fun and has some of the same stuff as previous years, but we are performing some songs that are different and fun this year. The seniors performing in silent night is always beautiful to hear,” said Rivera.


  The concert is Tuesday Dec. 4 at the Fine Arts Center.