Inspiring people with inspiring people: new mural to be finished soon


Art students are working very hard to inspire others with this revolutionary mural. Jillian Skalicky/MediaPrime

Cat Gonzalez, Campus Corner Director

  A mural is being painted in the hallway by the art classes to give the students some inspirational spirit.

  Last spring, the art students came up with the idea of a mural. When approached about the mural, principal Ladonna Chancellor gave the green light along with some recommendations.

  “The art club had an idea to do an art mural, but I talked to Ms. Chancellor about it, and she was the one who came up with the idea to do historical people,” said art teacher Rhonda Williams. “The design is ours, but the idea belongs to Ms. Chancellor.”

  Chancellor found inspiration online for the mural, and worked with Williams for the design.

  “I actually saw a similar mural from a high school on Twitter, that’s my [professional development] favorite, and showed what I found on Twitter to Ms. Williams, and she came up with some sketches of what it could look like if we changed it to our colors and personalized it to us,” said Chancellor.

  Chancellor not only called for help from Williams, but also asked for suggestions from history teachers and students.

  “I asked our history teachers to make suggestions for famous historical figures relevant to our culture and kids where we are,” said Chancellor .

  There was a set of standards for suggestions of people to put on the walls. They had to be historical figures so there is more of a concrete idea of how people will remember them.

  “We had some current people that were recommended by students, and there were some good ideas. It’s just when you’re gonna honor somebody by hoisting them up on a wall, I think they need to stand the test of time,” Chancellor said.

  The pop art styled mural is being painted with acrylic paint with complementary designs. All of it was thoroughly planned out with a practical and artistic mindset.

  “The reason we chose what we chose, is to go with the architecture and the interior design. There are a lot of squares, and rectangles, and circles on the floor, and we were trying to incorporate that on the wall too as apart of the design,” said Williams. “You’ll see circles on it, and later see some blocks that are on there as well just to try to make it fit in.”

  The color scheme is based on the established school colors, they also plan on making a tribute to the old high school, College High.

  “We did monochromatic values of blue so that it would fit into the area, and we’re going to add a little bit of gold and black to it as well for the [College High] portion, like they have on the columns in there,” Williams said.

  The mural consists of famous figures, and the students had more to add to help inspire those who view it as well as benefit those working on it.

  “The person’s name will be below it so you know who it is, but also there’s a word that’s specifically about that person, an adjective about that person,” Williams said. “I think it’s neat, students that don’t know who the people are, they can go look them up and maybe find out why they used the words they used to describe the particular person.”

  The AP art students and art club members see perks in creating the mural as well.

  “Doing a mural is something we’ve always talked about doing. I think it really makes the wall look cool,” said Maria Snider, art club president.

  The project has its difficulties but the students are powering through it and gaining more historical knowledge while doing so.

  “All of them are really important people and do a lot really cool things,” Snider said. “It’s just like figuring out what fits them most, it was kind of hard because a lot of them had similar qualities.”

  The process of picking the suggested historical figures had meaning to each artist.

  “I picked Woody Guthrie because I’ve listened to his songs my whole life. Kelsi Graves picked a dancer because she dances, so it kind of like a personal significance,” Snider said.

  Because of the diligent work from the students, the mural will be finished in a short period of time. Snider has hopes for it to be done in a timely manner.

  “We could finish the faces by the end of next week,” Snider said. “We still have some more designs to put around it.”

  Chancellor picked the hall next to the commons because it has heavy traffic. She wants as many people as possible to see it and be positively affected.

  “Other than the fact that it is just visually more pleasing than just the plain white wall, I’d like it to be inspiring, that’s why there’s a range of characters,” Chancellor said. “There’s an astronaut, there’s a baseball player, there’s a comedian, there’s George Washington, a leader. Trying to appeal to a variety of aspirations in students and culturally connect with people too.”

  Chancellor has shown a lot of gratitude towards the art students for taking on such a project.

  “Our art students are so talented. To give them a place to showcase what they can do I love that. Every time they create something I’m just in complete awe of their talent,” Chancellor said.

  The school plans on having more projects similar to the mural to make the school more of a positive setting.

  “It’s like when you move into a house and get everything unpacked. We’ve got this whole building finally together and everybody here and the last thing you’re doing is putting up curtains and that final stuff, Chancellor said. “It’s kind of like finishing touches.”