Friend’s of the Library to host annual creative writing contest


Photo courtesy of Bartlesville Public Library.

Jessica Clem, Staff Member

  The 27th annual Friend’s of the Library (FOL) Creative Writing Contest is here. The price for entry into the competition is $10 for adults (18 and up) and free for students. However, there’s a catch, you have to have a library card to enter.

  There are three divisions competitors can enter in. The first division is for eighth graders only, the second is writers from the age 14-17, then the third division is for writers who are 18 or older. For divisions one and two, no fee is required.

  Within each division are three categories of writing– poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Each category has a $100 prize for the first place winner and second place gets a $50 prize. The grand prize over all gets $200.

  “Middle School is when I first started entering these competitions, but I did a lot of creative writing in Elementary School,” senior Aarya Ghonasgi said. “I believe I started [entering] in seventh grade.”

     Ghonasgi recommends that students of all ages and abilities enter this contest. She believes that entering a contest that forces you to think creatively is good to understand your imagination and see what you can do with that.

  “A lot of times we find ourselves too busy to write creatively on our own time, but this gives me motivation to do just that which is why I participated these past few years,” Ghonasgi said.

  Ghonasgi has won prizes in both fiction and non-fiction. Although Ghonasgi is planning on studying medicine when she heads to college next year, she is appreciative for the experience that the FOL writing contest has given her.

  “It is something that I know I’ll continue to do a little in my free time throughout my life to organize my thoughts,” Ghonasgi said.

Entries must be delivered or postmarked by Feb. 1 to be considered for competition.