Legally Blonde musical put on production at Community Center

Abby Turner, Editor in Chief

  Get ready to “bend and snap” in a whole new way as Legally Blonde: The Musical hits the Bartlesville Community Center this weekend. Based on the book turned popular early two-thousands flick, the musical follows Elle Woods, a fashion forward sorority girl, in her endeavor to become a law student in hopes to win her ex-boyfriend back.

  Legally Blonde: The Musical is showing at 7:30 p.m. at the Bartlesville Community Center this Sunday night. Whether you have seen the movie prior to enjoying the theatrical version or not, this show is sure to entertain die hard fans and newbies alike. Managing Director of the Bartlesville Community Center, Val Callaghan, sees the show being able to speak for itself.

  “I do not think that it is necessary to have seen the movie before one attends Legally Blonde the Musical,” Callaghan said. “The story will tell itself.  Often there are slight adaptations between books or movies that are made into musicals or plays so if you have not seen the movie you would be working with a clean slate so to speak!  Of course, if you are like me, you enjoy doing both so that you can pick out the similarities and contrasts!”

  While audiences of all walks will surely find amusement in the musical, this one stands alone from past shows put on at the Bartlesville Community Center by its target audience.

  “Legally Blonde is set apart in that it is a new musical and though the gentlemen will enjoy it, it is a great show for a girls night out,” Callaghan said.

  So, whether a girls night out is long overdue or you just want to support the Bartlesville Community Center, Legally Blonde: The Musical is a surefire way to experience high caliber talent without the high cost.

  “The Bartlesville community should come out and see Legally Blonde because it is a great way to support the Arts in our hometown and it is a professional, national touring show that one does not have to travel to New York to experience!” Callaghan said.

  Tickets for Legally Blonde: The Musical are available online through the Bartlesville Community Center’s website. The show is at 7:30 p.m. this Sunday night, Feb. 3.