International Girls Club creates safe space for girls to connect


Myla Rogers, Staff Member

   Three years ago, Monica Reynolds, a Bilingual family support coordinator at the high school, began an organization for girls that come from all walks of life but share similar . The International Girls Club is a safe place to connect with other girls and make fun crafts.

   “Not everyone plays a sport and not everyone can sing,” Reynolds said. “This is a place where girls with different cultures can develop our skills, learning experiences and have some fun.”

   The club is facilitated by BPS International Family Support in collaboration with Casa Hispana. All girls, 6-12, can join. The goal being to instill a sense of global citizenship into the girls of tomorrow.

   Meetings are typically held the third Tuesday of every month at four in the Freshman Conference room.

   During the meetings, the girls talk about what their goals are for the school year. They learn how to work with different materials like fabric, wood, and glass.

   “We talk about family traditions around the holidays like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas,” Reynolds said,  “I would say the overall experience is a great group of girls with the desire to learn, grow, make new friends, and have fun. It has been a great time all together.”