Extra extra! Newsies comes to Bartlesville!

Extra extra! Newsies comes to Bartlesville!

Alyssa Moody, Staff Member

  Bruins on Broadway is back at the high school, and this time they plan on doing Newsies.

  “After the amazing work our students put in for our fall show of Oklahoma! We were sure we could do a bigger musical like Newsies,” Alex Rivera, vocal music director said.

  The FAC is confident in being able to handle a show of this popularity. In order for a musical to be selected, it must meet the expectations of all of the directors in the fine arts center.

  “We like choosing musicals that are inclusive, challenging, and fun,” Jessica Allis, the school’s drama teacher, said. “Newsies are all of those things!”

  Yearly musicals have become a sort of tradition in Bartlesville, and this year’s show will be a fun performance that everyone is able to enjoy.

  “Every musical is special in its own right, but Newsies rarely has moments of ‘down time.’ There’s always some action going on. It’s an exciting musical based on a historical event, and a Disney movie with amazing music and really intricate choreography. I think the audience will be blown away by this show,” Rivera said.

  Choosing what musical to put on changes with each year. With seniors graduating and freshman coming in, the FAC teachers have to evaluate the skill level of their new students.

  “Deciding on the appropriate show for our students varies from year to year. We have to consider our students first!” Marjorie Green, choir teacher, said. “What is the best fit for our students at BHS for the current year and what will give them the best experience on the stage.”

  A lot of work goes into a show of this caliber.

  “It’s almost impossible to put a definitive number on the amount of hours everyone puts into a musical,” Allis said. “Aside from the 10-20 hours a week of rehearsals, many volunteer hours are put in by parents as well as the time the directors take to prepare and organize the behind the scenes elements.”

  The performances are on May 3-5, 7 p.m. and auditions begin on Mar. 4, 4 p.m. in the choir room. Any student at the high school can audition for the spring musical. More information about rehearsals at sites.google.com/bps-ok.org/bhs-newsies.