Choir takes trip to the big apple

Ana Oelen, Staff Member

   This spring break, the high school’s choir will be experiencing a once in a lifetime trip to New York City. From March 16-20, they will see some incredible sights and do some singing along the way. They will experience fantastic musicals on Broadway, a trip to the statue of liberty, and a tour of the Today Show set.

   “This trip offers valuable educational experiences that are not offered in class, and will spread music along the way,” said, Vocal Music Director, Marjorie Green.

   There will be 58 people going including the choir directors, Alex Rivera, Tamara Walker, and Marjorie Green. One of the activities they will be attending is the Broadway Classroom exchange where the music director will prepare a piece and attend a clinic. Then they will have a Q&A session with a Broadway performer at a Broadway rehearsal studio. They will get to see Radio City Music Hall, where arts and theatre, music, comedy, family shows, and concerts are performed.

   A lot of hard work has been put in by students to fundraise since the end of last year to have the privilege to go on this trip. The excitement of the students is bubbling over as spring break arrives.

   “As a senior this trip means a lot to me because I get to spend it with my best friends and my favorite teachers,” senior Brooke Marshall said. “I believe that the trip will impact me by showing me that there is so much more to our country than what we could read in a textbook or learn in school.”

   While in New York, the choir students will perform the Alma Mater, Oklahoma, and the National Anthem. Students have been waiting for this trip with anticipation. New York is a big trip for all students in choir.

   “We are going to see a couple of Broadway shows and I know one of them is Dear Evan Hansen,” sophomore Sophie Walker said. “I’ve heard a lot about Dear Evan Hansen. We’re going to central park and I’m excited for that.”  

   The excitement for this trip runs through the kids for many different reasons.

   “I’m excited to go to New York because I love experiencing and seeing new things,” Marshall said.

   Students have spent a lot of time and effort to fundraise to be able to go on the trip.

   “I fundraised pretty hard,” Marshall said. “I participated in every fundraiser that the choir gave us, I painted rocks, and had several garage sales to help raise money.”

   This year New York will have a wonderful and educational impression that will last for years to come for the attending students. The sights and sounds that play such a foundational part in the New York City experience will be taken in with eager hearts.The choir will be encountering not only a new city, but new people, new places, different foods, more cultural experiences, and a lot of fun memories.