Senior Showcases Talent Through Photography Business


Abby Turner, Editor in Chief

   Focus. Point. Shoot. Repeat. This routine is familiar to photographer Olivia Wilt, who started an official photography business, Olivia Lynne Photography, a little over a year and a half ago.

   “I guess it all started when I went on a tour of Europe and saw a lot of beautiful things,” senior Olivia Wilt said. “I took pictures on my phone and they turned out pretty good.”

   With a new found confidence in her skills and ignited passion, Wilt decided to take her passion and turn it into a pursuit. She began to notice how she could use her interest to help others capture memories.

   “I noticed that a lot of my friends who were older would need senior photos and by that time I had an actual camera so I thought why not?” Wilt said.

   She snaps just about anything you can think of, especially senior photos, ironic considering she is a senior herself. The irony isn’t apparent to Wilt, considering she is just following her interest. When asked if it ever felt strange being the same age as the senior she is shooting, she disagreed.

   “No not really, I like helping people celebrate their special moments in life,” Wilt said.

   Wilt’s skills allow her to be versatile in her work, but she does prefer some types of photos as opposed to others.

   “I love taking pictures of people or things in a natural state,” Wilt said. “I love going to Woolaroc to take pictures of the animals and i love taking pictures of people doing things that they love.”

   Starting a business is risky in itself, even more so when you are as young as Wilt. She started her photography business at just 17 years old, and so far the risk has taken off with the support of her friends and family helping her along the way.

   “My parents inspired me to start it up,” Wilt said. “They realized I had potential to make money off of something I loved to do.”


   Aiding in her pursuit of her on-the-side photography business is fellow senior Maggie Largess, who chose Wilt to take her senior photos.

“I chose Olivia to take my senior pictures because I knew I would be comfortable with her,” Largess said. “Liv was both fun and professional! She made me feel really co

mfortable in front of the camera. We had a good time and she took some amazing pictures.”

   Wilt’s personability contributes to why she is continuously booked for photos

Senior Anushka Sukhadia

; this goes along with the concept that her drive is evident to her clients.

   “I think Olivia’s passion for photography is unique,” Largess said. “She is always looking for ways to improve. Plus, she’s my bestie.”

  Being a senior is a demanding time in itself, not to mention trying to uphold a business simultaneously.

   “It can be stressful at times,” Wilt said. Especially now at the end of the year, many people want senior pictures; however I love doing it so I don’t mind.”

   Transitioning from high school to college is a significant shift in any young person’s life. Wilt is managing this shift in a personal and professional way. She plans on studying to be a teacher at Oklahoma State University in the Fall.

   “I hope to continue taking photos throughout college, “ Wilt said. “It might just become a hobby when I go to college. I am just playing it by ear.”

   Even though Wilt isn’t majoring in photography in college, she still wants it to remain in her life as a creative escape. Wilt is expecting a shift from Bartlesville to Stillwater, and what the new environment will do for her snapshots.

   “I hope that it becomes a new form of art for me, and let’s me express myself in a new way,”

  Wilt primarily schedules sessions through her Instagram page @olivialynne_photography.