Rebuilding KLIFE


Mia Ferguson, Staff

A new KLIFE house is being built on Hillcrest across from the high school. In the meantime, groups and events will be held at the ‘Central House’ for the current school year.

“I think the new house will be a good way to accommodate more people for KLIFE” says sophomore Annabelle Kelly, “It affects us right now, because we don’t get to do our small groups there, and there is a chance we’ll graduate before it’s completed.”

The location would be more beneficial to more kids who attend, because as it is near the high school, it would only require making one trip to get there.

“I’m really excited, it’s going be great! It’s going to a lot better for all the kids.” says sophomore Alex Cary.

In the end, the location isn’t going to change the purpose and the enjoyment that comes from Klife.

“KLIFE won’t change because of this, the facility is just supposed to help bring more kids to KLIFE and be a nice and a good home for KLIFE for years to come” says Kelly.

Most students in KLIFE are active participants with weekly meetings, held all school year.

“We’re excited to continue building the new KLIFE building across from BHS. It will be a beautiful addition to the neighborhood,” says board member Starr Peterson. “As those who drive by can see that construction has begun. The building will be done in a rustic modern design. It will be a great place for kids to safely hang out and a great place for kids to engage with mentors. We hope the building will serve our community in many ways!”