Zac Brown Band Soars With ‘The Owl’

Zac Brown Band Soars With The Owl

Alyssa Moody, Fourth Estate Editor

Zac Brown Band, one of country music’s most valued bands released a new album called “The Owl” on Sept. 20.

Before the release of their sixth studio album, Zac Brown Band has received four Grammy awards in almost 20 years.

Going along with ever-changing country music, the band is conforming to modern style.

“Someone I Used to Know” is the most recognized song on the album. This song is a crossover between pop and country which steps out of the band’s comfort zone. This is good news for new country listeners who prefer the more “modern” sound.

In establishing a new sound, the band could quickly lose many of its faithful fans who hoped Brown and the other members of the band could “save” country music.

“OMW” begins with a beat that is more fitting to the band’s established personality, but quickly changes to fit the new sound.

“Me and the Boys in the Band” is more becoming to the traditional country/rock mix expected to be produced by Zac Brown Band. Comparing all of the tracks on the album this song definitely has the Zac Brown Band stamp that fans look for.

The thought process behind “God Given” is unclear. Nothing in this song fits the Zc Brown Band style fans have come to expect. Although this album itself was surprising, this song proves the band’s intention to stray from the traditional country sound all country listeners await.

Standing alone and not under any genre expectations these tracks would be impressive, but songs from Zac Brown are now unpredictable. The album has changed one of country music’s most iconic bands.