Bartlesville Vs. Supulpa

Jaxon Glenn, Staff

   Freshman Bartlesville Bruins and the Sapulpa Chieftains went into a football battle on Thursday, October 24, scoring another victory at Custer Stadium in Bartlesville.

    The Bruins and the Chieftains had  looked evenly matched at the end of the first half with a score of 6-6. But thanks to Derrick Farrimond’s two touchdowns and Colton Sutton’s notable performance on both sides of the ball and his run that led to a touchdown the Bruins had gone up 24-6. 

   Throughout the rest of the second half the Bruins dominated on both sides of the ball. The defense had locked down on anything that had come their way. Multiple tackles for loss and sacks by the defensive line and an interception fueled the Bartlesville offense as they finished out the game with a victory.