Celine Dion Shows Her ‘Courage’


Chase Wing, Staff

Nov. 15, 2019, marks the first time Celine Dion has released an English-language album in six years.

A typical Celine Dion album consists of a nearly even blend of love ballads and feisty pop or rock-tinged tracks. This new record is no different. Though it may be viewed as more modern and contemporary than its predecessors, it still follows the same mold.

This is where the album falls flat. An effort is being  to differentiate between her past works by using a modern production taking inspiration from musical counterparts Jessie J and Christina Aguilera, (“Perfect Goodbye”, “Change My Mind”), but she misses the mark on realizing one key detail: a production change does not equate to a change in style. If you constantly produce albums following the same power ballad to uptempo dance track then back to power ballad format, you cannot expect adding minor elements of modern production to save you from being categorized as a tribute act. Upon first listen, the meaning becomes muddled. What is the purpose of producing this body of work? It feels as though she is trying to clamor to her relevance and play to a new crowd of music listeners who would never even consider listening to Dion in the first place instead of delivering a solid album a majority of her fans expect.

As if it needs to be stated, the vocals on this album are superb. Dion’s artistry may have been lost and unclear in recent years, but one thing has and will always remain the same. She is a vocalist. A Celine Dion album can never be a total disappointment because we know we will always get glass-shattering vocals.

The overall feeling of the record is quite elusive and loses its way here and there, but Celine Dion proved she is more than capable of producing a perfectly acceptable album. Though, maybe next time someone should tell her to lay off the dance tracks a little.


Track by track review:

“Flying on My Own”: 3/5

“Lovers Never Die”: 3/5

“Falling in Love Again”: 4/5

“Lying Down”: 4/5

“Courage”: 4/5

“Imperfections”: 3/5

“Change My Mind”: 5/5

“Say Yes”: 5/5

“Nobody’s Watching”: 4/5

“The Chase”: 4/5

“For the Lover That I Lost”: 3/5

“Baby”: 4/5

“I Will Be Stronger”: 4/5

“How Did You Get Here”: 5/5

“Look at Us Now”: 4/5

“Perfect Goodbye”: 5/5
“Best of All”: 3/5
“Heart of Glass”: 5/5

“Boundaries”: 4/5

“The Hard Way”: 3/5

Total Rating: 81/100