Charlie’s Angels Take Flight


Alyssa Moody, Newspaper Editor

Filled with the expected action and adventure, Charlie’s Angels delivers an unexpected comedy element and an encouraging message for women in 2019.

The casting director for this movie could not have chosen more perfect actresses to run the screen. Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska work well to create the endearing bond that characterizes the angels.

Fresh off the immense success of her last starring role, Scott proves her ability to play any role she is given. Providing the level head and the emotional overdrive of the movie, Scott plays an important role in humanizing the angels.

Drawing conventional attention from the appearance of the angels to the actions and abilities was a strategic move for Banks that was spot on for most of the movie.

Elizabeth Banks, who starred in, directed, produced, and wrote the film delivers the comedy and incredible acting fans have come to expect. Since her film debut, Banks has been entertaining audiences with her incredible acting and natural comedic flow.

This movie shatters the ordinarily male-driven action enterprise by producing woman action while still keeping the feminine side of each character intact.

While encompassing the feel of the original Charlie’s Angels television show that aired during the 1970s, the new movie encourages modern woman empowerment.

The movie opens with Stewart flirting with the first antagonist. After flirting, Stewart attacks the antagonist and brings him and all of his security to the ground with only the help of Balinska’s character.

Although the original angels were capable of being action-packed and adventurous, the main appeal of the show was the gorgeous actresses who played them.  The new film successfully switched the focus.

Charlie’s Angels is not the best movie ever made, but it still provides viewers the opportunity to see the angels in a whole new light.