Funding Wack

Brendan Selders, Visual Arts Editor

This year on August 13, the school received a bond for $17.9 million to last them through 2023. The money is voted on so the distribution of the money can be as even as possible.

In July they voted on giving $400,000 to all activities. Not only do sports get a small portion of the $17.9 million, fine arts are getting a small portion as well.

In all only 3% of the money is being spent on athletics and fine arts combined. Why can’t there be more? Why does the money have to be shared with fine arts?

A meeting is held where they talk about what needs improvement and how much it will cost. The amount will be given and then they will vote on whether that amount is appropriate and if it will last until the next bond issue voting occurs.

Now will $400,000 last us for the next three and a half years, and will it be shared equally between athletics and fine arts, and also every sport?

The amount of money we received is great and it will help a lot but it won’t be spent evenly with every sport. Most of the money will end up going to football and then maybe baseball and basketball, the more “popular” sports, but what about the other sports?

Every year the soccer team has two or three fundraisers to help pay for new equipment and jerseys. Recently the soccer team upgraded their jerseys because they couldn’t afford to stay with Nike so they had to switch to Under Armor.

The volleyball team has, on average, four fundraisers to help pay for the same things.

Just because there are some sports that are more popular than others that does not mean that you can put focus onto just those teams.

If the volleyball players need new jerseys then get them new jerseys instead of spending the money on a football team that has a terrible record and nearly 30 sponsors.

We need to focus on all activities as much as possible and the only way to do that is to take time and figure out what every coach needs in order to help their team perform better and then ask for more money by giving and providing evidence as to why that money is needed. Then we need to figure out if the money can last for the next three to four years.