Senior Searches for Mass Graves

Audry Ainesworth, Staff

The investigation for finding the mass graves from the Tulsa Race Massacre has been reopened.

The Tulsa race riots were known to cause many casualties but historians still are not sure how many lives were taken in this tragedy.

The investigation has been recently opened by Tulsa mayor George Theron Bynum to try to locate mass graves. The investigation is getting help from geophysicists in Oklahoma.

“The project is about identifying unmarked graves in a cemetery using Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR,” senior Daniela Ferguson said.

The investigation requires complex equipment to aid researchers in finding the mass graves.

“GPR is an instrument designed to detect electromagnetic contrasts in the soil and contains a transmitting antenna and a receiving antenna which allow it to send and detect electromagnetic waves at given frequencies,” Ferguson said.

The investigation has allowed a high school student to help in such a ground breaking discovery.

“To take the GPR survey, I’ll be collecting data using a system called SIR3000 in a cemetery in Stillwater.” Ferguson said.

While the investigation has been reopened, the results will likely not come in until early next year.