Swim dives into second

Myla Rogers, Staff

   The swim team has excelled again. After a successful state competition against the Jenks Trojans, the team returned home with smiles as they secured second place. 

   Jenks was the team to beat that day after previously having broken five state records. Team member Kyle Peterson recollects how hard he had to prepare himself, mentally and physically.

   ¨I remember I did a lot of carb-loading the day before,¨ Peterson said.

   Carb-loading is a strategy used to maximise the storage of energy in the muscles. Moving your arms for different strokes requires a large amount of endurance, hence the need to carb-load. 

   After months of training, it all came to a head at the meet. There was nothing but love and support surrounding the team that day. In spite of the training, it wasn’t the endless dedication and workouts that gave the team the final push into second place, it was the energy and love the team had for one another that gave them that final push. 

   ¨Our senior captain, Will Englehart, gave a really moving speech, as it was his last high school meet,¨ Peterson said. ¨We kept the energy up throughout the meet, and despite some drawbacks, we stayed positive and powered our way to second place. I think we did really well overall.¨