Participants see how they will ‘fair’


Mia Ferguson, Staff

The Bartlesville District Science fair was held on Saturday, Feb. 22. Students that participated in this event and placed top three in their category may have been invited to go to the state, or in some cases, even the national science fair.

   Among the few, sophomore Morgan Sanders has been selected to move on to state science fair. 

   “I had a sneaking suspicion I was going to place, because there were not that many micro-biology projects,” Sanders said. “The title of my project was ‘Are YOU Positive That’s Clean?’ I was testing the effectiveness of disinfectants on Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria as well as the different types of bacteria.”

   Another participant, senior Daniela Ferguson, placed first in the Physics category. 

   “It was my goal to make it to state, but in truth I was unsure if I would make it,” Ferguson said. “I thought I would place third, possibly second.”

      Following the Bartlesville District Science Fair, this year’s state science fair will be held on March 26-28th. Honors Chemistry teacher, Mr. Layman, will also be going with the students to the State Science fair. He will get to see his work throughout the year with the students pay off later this month. 

    “It always feels good to help students get to where they want to be and see them go and compete efficiently,” Layman said. 

   After spending the vast portion of the year teaching his students the fundamentals of chemistry, he will watch his pupils spread their wings and fly.

   “My hope for the students is for them to have a good time and to learn something,” he said. 

   Through the excitement of science fair, participants are hoping to place highly, but above all else, are hoping to make the experience one that they remember for the rest of their lives. 

   “I don’t have any hope for state science fair, other than to have a good time. It is honestly a once in a lifetime experience and I’m grateful to be chosen to go.” Sanders said.