Select wrestlers go to state

   The wrestling team sent students to compete in state. The team started off with positive attitudes; they have been pushing and training hard for this year to be a great success. 

   The wrestling team practiced often after school to make the tournament a big achievement. One of the wrestlers, Jaden Charbonneau, has been training with the team endlessly and just before the tournament had live matches against one another to get a feel of what the upcoming journey would be like. 

   “We conditioned a lot and had live wrestling before we left,” Charbonneau said. 

   Though the amount of participants in the tournament was lower than expected, they maintained their spirit and never let the numbers get them down. 

   “We did expect more people to be in the tournament and that at least one of us would’ve placed,” Charbonneau said. “The best thing we did was listen to coach before the match.”

   Throughout the tournament, it became clear that it was about fighting to make the tournament a great experience for themselves and those around them, and although they did not win anything it was a tournament worth remembering for the wrestlers.